Dr. David B. Huffman

Professor of Economics

New Dataset Available: The Global Preference Survey

The GPS is a new data set produced in some recent research by myself and collaborators, see the paper "Global Evidence on Economic Preferences." Now that the paper is published the data are publicly available. The GPS provides measures of fundamental economic preferences -- time discounting, risk preference, altruism, positive reciprocity, negative reciprocity, and trust  -- from around the world. The data include representative samples from 76 countries, with roughly 80,000 total respondents. The documentation, provided online, includes surveys in the relevant local languages.


My research lies at the intersections of behavioral economics, labor economics, and personnel economics. One strand of my research has been basic research on the determinants of human decision making, especially preferences regarding risk, time, and social interactions, as well as trust and motivated beliefs. My research has shown how such preferences vary around the world as well as within diverse sets of cultures, and has explored determinants of preference differences, including the role of parental transmission. Another strand has been more applied, bringing insights from behavioral economics to central questions in labor, personnel economics, and industrial organization. Topics include how workers respond to incentives, how relational contracting operates in different institutional environments, determinants of involuntary unemployment, and mechanisms underlying gender differences in labor market outcomes. Much of my recent research has been focused on studying behavioral economics within firms, combining the internal data of firms with measures of traits and biases of employees and managers. I am particularly interested in how behavioral biases and bounded rationality may influence the strategic behaviors of firms. I use a wide variety of methodologies, including field experiments, laboratory experiments, surveys, and analysis of large, observational datasets with econometric techniques including machine learning and natural language processing.


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Citations: 19,146; Citations since 2019: 10,119; h-index: 33; i-10 index: 43

​​Recent Working Papers​

Current Work in Progress

  • "Delegation and Performance: Evidence from Gas Station Managers (with Yi Han and Yiming Liu).
  • “Investigating Gender Effects Under Competitive Workplace Incentives” (with Collin Raymond and Julia Shvets).
  • “Self-reliance norms as a constraint on prosocial behavior” (with David Danz and Tymofiy Mylovanov).
  • “Gendered wording in job advertisements” (with Ilya Goldin, Dor Morag and Alistair Wilson).
  • “Mental Accounting and Healthy Food Purchases: A Field Experiment” (with Erin Bronchetti and Ellen Magenheim).​​

Publications in Journals

  1. "Relational contracting: Complementarities with behavioral and experimental economics," Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (special issue), 179(3-4), 701-716.
  2. "Persistent Overconfidence and Biased Memory: Evidence from Managers," 2022, The American Economic Review (lead article), 112(10), 3141-75  (with Collin Raymond and Julia Shvets). Web Appendix here. Media Coverage: Freakonomics Blog.
  3. "The Preference Survey Module: A Validated Instrument for Measuring Risk, Time, and Social Preferences,"Management Science, 69(4) 1935-2545 (with Anke Becker, Thomas Dohmen, Armin Falk, and Uwe Sunde).
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  7. Financial Incentive Strategies for Maintenance and Weight Loss: Results from an Internet-Based Randomized Control Trial,” Nutrition and Diabetes, 2018, 8(33), 1-11 (with William Yancy, Pamela Shaw, Lisa Wesby, Victoria Hilbert, Lin Yang, Jingsan Zhu, Andrea Troxel, Gary Foster, Alexis Wojtanowski, and Kevin Volpp).
  8. "Time Discounting and Economic Decision Making in the Older Population," forthcoming in the Journal of the Economics of Ageing (with Olivia Mitchell and Raimond Maurer). Press coverage in Wall Street Journal.
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Book Chapters

  1. "Aging and Economic Preferences," forthcoming in Handbook on the Economics of Ageing (with Thomas Dohmen and Uwe Sunde).
  2. "Do Financial Incentives Reduce Intrinsic Motivation for Weight Loss? Evidence from Two Tests of Crowding Out",  in Nudging Health: Health Law and Behavioral Economics, 2016, Johns Hopkins University Press (with David Asch, Jeffry Kullgren, George Loewenstein, Aditi Sen, and Kevin Volpp).
  3. “Do Emotions Improve Labor Market Outcomes?” in Emotion and Decision-Making, eds. Roy Baumeister and George Loewenstein, 2007, Russell Sage: New York (with Lorenz Goette)​.
  4. Affect as a Source of Motivation in the Workplace,” in Emotion and Decision-Making, eds. Roy Baumeister and George Loewenstein, 2007, Russell Sage: New York (with Lorenz Goette).

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